Take your Speed training to another level

Forget the stop watch, SplitFast invites you to a new era in Laser Timing Gate technology

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Splitfast Bluetooth Athlete Timing Gate and mobile and watch app
SplitFast Bluetooth Athlete Timing Gate (Black and Gold color)

Bluetooth Athlete Timing Gate

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iPhone Athlete Backpack

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SplitFast Reflective Armband

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Do you want to run faster?

Optimize your sprint training with SplitFast Timing.
SplitFast is the must have laser timing gate system for coaching track and field, agility training for Football and other field sports, as well as speed training.

SplitFast for Lap timing for track cyclists.
You can even use
SplitFast to improve your reaction time.
Wether you want to break a 100m world record like Usain Bolt, or just learn how to run faster,
SplitFast is the timing system for you.

POWERFUL & UNIQUE Timing Gate system

SplitFast uses the power of the iPhone to detect your motion, as well as process,  store, and graph your results.

SplitFast breaks down your results into distinct performance segments and then identifies your strengths and weaknesses to optimize your training for the fastest possible improvements in speed and agility.
Football athlete
Professional bicycle rider ride fast


The SplitFast timing system measures and records times with a precision of 0.001 seconds. Laser motion sensing provides accurate and repeatable motion detection at each timing gate. The iPhone accelerometer with configurable sensitivity setting, accurately measures your start reaction time.


SplitFast can be used for Starting block reaction time tests, acceleration, top speed, intermediate split times, agility, lap timing, and endurance training for runners, sprinters, team sports athletes, and cyclists

A group of Athletes


How you and your teams can use SplitFast
to achieve your best performance

SplitFast app functions - Training Modes

4 Training Modes

Race, Flying Start, Shuttle, and Lap

SplitFast app functions - Data Recording

Data Recording

All elements of your performance are recorded. Results can be used for analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, and track your improvement over time.

SplitFast timing app for watch
SplitFast app functions - Endurance Training

Endurance Training

Lap training mode records lap times for cyclists and long distance athletes.

SplitFast app functions - Automated Starting (Gun shot)

Automated Starting

Maximise you reaction time training with audio starter voice and pistol, with auto arming and random set position delay.

SplitFast product feature icon 1 - Looks Light and Compact


A SplitFast Timing Gate AND tripod weighs only 16 ounces and stands only 8.25" tall. The timing module is 4" x 4" and uses 4 x AA batteries providing over 70 hours of continuous operation!

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SplitFast Timing Gates use a laser sensor and wearable reflector. The adjustable tripod mount allows the laser to be quickly aimed at the athlete's chest level on the track. Digital signal processing eliminates false beam breaks.

SplitFast product feature icon 1 - A yellow money icon


SplitFast Timing Gates are proudly made in the USA using the highest quality components. SplitFast Timing Gates and accessories are available for purchase on Amazon.com

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