iPhone Athlete Backpack

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Carry your Smart Phone during your workouts

Ideal companion to the SplitFast system. Holds your phone securely and does not interfere with your movement. Perfect for carrying your Phone while using the SplitFast Apple Watch App to control your SplitFast system and view your results.


Universal Fit

Soft elastic arm straps easily adjust to accommodate men and women of all sizes

Maximum Comfort

Padded shoulder extensions and adjustable chest strap provide additional comfort and stability.


Streamlined design is light and easy to wear and will not bounce while running

Use for all your activities

Great for Sprinting, cycling, jogging, marathons, triathlons, hiking and walking

Storage compartment

Separate storage pocket is perfect for carrying keys, money credit cards and ID

Accessory Ports

Openings at the top of the phone pocket accommodate headphone and charging cables


Lightweight, mesh back is sweat resistant and stays cool and comfortable during long workouts

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Sprint Athletes

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SplitFast measures and analyzes all aspects of a sprinter’s performance. The integrated start gun, acceleration sensing and false start detection, measure reaction time off the starting blocks under simulated race start conditions. Intermediate Timing Gates measure acceleration phase, top speed phase and speed maintenance. Flying Start training mode isolates your top speed independently of the other phases. Breaking down your sprint into different phases allows you to focus your training and measure your improvement in each area over time.

Distance Runners and Cyclists

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SplitFast’s Lap Training mode automatically measures, records and displays your lap times. Results for all laps can be viewed on your Apple Watch during your training session. The configurable wireless proximity filter and laser target tracking on the SplitFast Timing Gate minimizes false detection of other athletes using the track. Your lap times can be exported as an Excel file for offline tracking and analysis.

Team Sports Athletes

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In addition to the Speed and Endurance features, SplitFast provides an Agility training mode to help team sports athletes such as soccer, basketball and football players to train their acceleration and change of direction performance. Agility training modes include multiple finish Gate options that a coach can select during a trial and out and back drills around cones.

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